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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in A day in my life, Gee You're Brave Living | 6 comments

Elf on the Shelf – next time I have a great idea just slap me

Elf on the Shelf – next time I have a great idea just slap me

Welcome to the month of December. Our Christmas tree isn’t up, hell it hasn’t even been bought yet but still Christmas has well and truly kicked off because the note about the school ‘Xmas themed’ bake sale has arrived home and our longed for Elf on the Shelf has arrived.

Meet Elfo, or as hubby likes to charmingly say under his breath “Elfo the MOFO”.



Elfo named by my 5 year old arrived during the night and safely positioned himself on top of the wardrobe where he thought (incorrectly) that he would be noticed as soon as eyes opened. Instead a rampaging search through the house occurred and when pointed out by mum, the 5 year old looked at me with a slightly weirded out look on her face asking “was he just sitting their watching us sleep”.

Umm, yep I guess he was. The story book was read and straight from the start by 5 year old couldn’t understand why he didn’t like to be touched, and why this impacted on his magic, and spent a large percentage of the day “how much touching is too much?, what about tickling?, and my favourite ‘he can’t say he doesn’t like it if he hasn’t tried it, he just needs to try letting us touch him and then he can see if it kills his magic”.

How many days till Christmas?

During the day Raya kept returning to Elfo to update him on things happening in other areas of the house considering he was still stuck on the wardrobe and mummy made the most of it by making Raya clean and cull her bedroom under Elfo’s watchful eye.

The kids also watched the Elf on the Shelf DVD multiple times.

Then last night before I turned in I reassembled Raffy’s train and thinking how cute Elfo looked, propped him up on the wooden train with a lovingly handwritten note from Elfo telling the kids all about his visit back to the North Pole and all the good information he reported back to Santa.

This morning Raya woke early – reeeeealllly early plus i caught her trying to wake her brother up too. I let her out of her room and she ran straight to Elfo, read the note, had a reality check of how early it was, yawned and climbed back into bed to sleep. Just like Christmas morning mummy style.


It was a comedy of rookie errors. 1. Don’t put Elfo in reach of a ¬†toddler who can climb up on a chair and 2. Don’t place Elfo on toddler’s favourite toy when toddler does not know how to share.

It only took one brief “mummy just needs to go to the bathroom” for Elfo to get up close and personal with the Tiny Dictator.

I could hear screaming from Raya and when I exited from the bathroom the train was strewn across the floor and Raffy had Elfo in his mouth, biting down hard with his teeth. I wonder what impact being bitten in half by a 20month old has on one’s capacity to return to the North Pole?

There were hysterics and Raya was determined to write  letter to explain before she went to school. We soooo did not have time. Then she thought twice about going to school in case Elfo ran away following his horrible treatment from the Tiny Dictator. Finally with more tears she declared she wanted her brother to be sent to the North Pole for Christmas.

I am so excited we have another 24 days of Elf on the Shelf. Next year when I think about adding a new family tradition to our Christmas experience I want you to slap me. Hard.


  1. Ha ha ha ha! My 3 year old this morning announced she was “frightened of the elf” as a way of getting out of putting her shoes on. It’s gonna be a looooong month.

    • Yep if the first day was anything to go by then Elfo better be bringing wine back with him from the North Pole.

  2. I think this is a great idea Michelle! my girls are talking about the red light is santa watching so this works anywhere there is a house alarm with a motion sensor, in the car or any appliance with a standby light. I think maybe the elf may come out another year. Good luck!

    • I think I am also going to look into the Santa phone call app for my phone

  3. Michelle our Christmas tradition will be reading this story and rolling around laughing at the elfo adventure. Sooooo funny thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for the next installment xx

    • You know as soon as you have kids we will be buying and Elf on the Shelf for your household too!

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