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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Chasing your dreams, Gee You're Brave, Gee You're Brave Living | 1 comment

Positive Hashtags #GYBicandoit

Positive Hashtags #GYBicandoit

I was reading a blog post just the other day which commented that with an increase use of social media people are in fact feeling lonely and disconnected rather than united with others. As a mum who is home with a young, second child, I can often feel like this in the few minutes I have free to sit and reflect on such feelings. You see first child I signed up to a mother’s group and instant friends.

Second time around the baby fits into a schedule and we have sanity saving playgroup on a Wednesday. Apart from that I am working and trying to run a household and most of my friends all have kids are working part time trying to keep the balls in the air.

The  way I do keep a feeling of being connected is via Instagram and Facebook. Now while social media can certainly have negative impacts I love the positive that can come from Social Media.

Through Instagram I have got to follow some incredibly motivating people and seeing how others are spending their day or being able to join in a conversation with the same # while i drink a coffee is a positive thing.

she believed she could

So a little while ago I came up with the idea of starting a hashtag. A hashtag inspired by positive connections with others. There is so much rubbish on the internet why not focus on the positives we all want to see.

And the hashtag I came up with was #GYBIcandoit.

The idea is that we can all share photos of us reaching our goals and we can encourage and motivate each other in the process. My toddler won’t encourage me to stick with clean eating but others who are trying to kick their goals will.

I have slowly seen people using the #GYBIcandoit hashtag and now I want to invite you to start using it too.

This has nothing to do with follower numbers, it is about getting people connected about positive changes in their life. There is no photo a day requirement. Just if your photo is about something positive – studying, an exercise goal, healthy recipe, something you have been working towards, even more ‘me’ time then add the hashtag #GYBicandoit.

Alright who is ready to use #GYBicandoit?


Tell me – what are your goals right now


1 Comment

  1. I seem to be constantly juggling too many balls in the air. I have many goals that I am slowly working towards….so many in fact that it seems overwhelming.

    I looked at what I wanted to achieve and decided that my focus was going to be getting into a better headspace….kinder to myself and focusing on the ‘I can’ rather then the ‘I can’t’. I’ve been practising this for a few months and it’s starting to become more habit then force. I love the mantra ” have kindness in your heart” and I realised that it applies to myself as well.

    M xx

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